Automated Emails

Flowingly will send automated email notifications to your email address when the status of a flow you are involved in changes and requires your attention. Each email notification will include a Flowingly website link directly back to the flow.

Automated email notifications are sent to you for these reasons:

  • A step requires your attention

  • A reminder from a step requiring your attention

  • You have been nudged to complete a step

  • You have been mentioned in a flow¬†

  • A step has been approved or rejected from a flow you started

  • A flow you started has been completed

  • A flow you started has been cancelled

  • A Step you have been assigned is overdue

Configurable Emails

Within a flow model you can choose to notify the initiator by email when a step is completed. This can be configured by clicking a step & ticking "The Initiator of this flow will be emailed when this step is completed"

Carbon Copy Stakeholders 

Just like email, stakeholders can be added at the start of a flow by clicking "Edit users" next to CC then choosing who you would like to be informed as the process progresses. Stakeholders will receive emails when:

  • A step has been approved or rejected in the flow

  • The flow has been completed

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