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Add new task(s) to a step when the flow is running and assign an owner and approver to complete the task(s)

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The Step Tasks add-on allows end users to dynamically add tasks to steps that are assigned to them, while the flow is running. Each Step Task that is added to a step needs to have an owner and approver assigned to it. The Flow can only progress once all Step Tasks are completed and approved.

Step Tasks provide significant flexibility in your Flow Models and are especially useful in processes where you might not know what tasks are needed to successfully complete the process.

For example while you are designing your Health & Safety Incident Management Flow Model, you may not know what tasks are needed to resolve a specific incident. By enabling Step Tasks on some steps you provide extra flexibility in your Flow Model design and allow end users to add any number of Step Tasks to successfully complete all kinds of incidents.

Step Tasks is a paid add-on and is not turned on by default. Please contact Flowingly Customer Success or Support if you'd like to give it a try.

Click on the step that you'd like to enable Step Tasks on. Under the Details tab click 'Enable Step Tasks'.

When the Flow Model is running the Step Assignee can add the necessary Step Tasks by clicking on 'Add a Task'.

Complete all the necessary fields and add a Task Assignee and Approver. Then Click on 'Start'.

The Step Task is now added to the Flow. It is in essence a sub task of its parent step. The parent step cannot be completed until all Step Tasks are completed.

The Task Assignee will receive a notification and a To do list item, informing them that a Step Task needs their attention. The Task Assignee can add comments and attachments and click 'Done' when they have completed the Step Task.

The Task Approver now receives a notification and a To do list item, informing them that a Step Task needs their approval. The Task Approver can Approve or Reject. If Reject is selected then a comment will be needed.

In this example an incident has occurred where a staff member slipped on ripped carpet while playing table tennis in the cantina. The H&S team have determined that 2 more Step Tasks are needed to successfully resolve this incident. By clicking on the parent step additional Step Tasks can be added. Everyone will be able to see what Step Tasks are done and which ones are still outstanding.

Only when all the Step Tasks are completed can the parent step be submitted and the Flow to progress.

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