Swimlanes allow you visually distinguish different responsibilities or sub-processes within a Flow model. Each person, group or sub process is placed into a separate lane, grouping them visually. A set of swimlanes form a Pool.

Swimlanes are particularly useful for Process Maps, as they make the individual responsibilities and sub-processes easily identifiable. While they have no effect on the running of a Workflow, they also help the Flow Model Administrator in modeling and visualising the processes they are building.

A Pool can be added to any Process Map or Workflow in the Flowingly modeler.

1. Drag & Drop a Pool node from the left menu to the canvas. 

2. Select the Pool to bring up the designer on the right, here you can add additional lanes, rename and colour as required.

3. Once the Swinlanes are setup, drag & drop individual Steps and Nodes into each Swinlane to get a better overview of how the Flow will progress.

Pools are not visible when a workflow is run, however they can be seen if View Flow Model is selected. They will be included when a Workflow or Process Map is saved as a .PDF for reference and reporting. Pools are also included in a Flow model exported as a .json and re-imported back into Flowingly.

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