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Get to know all menu items in the Flow modeler

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The Flow modeler contains tools to help build out your Workflows and Process Maps. Below are details of each node and how they can be used in the application.

Start Indicates the beginning of the workflow. Just one start node is allowed in each Flow model.

End Indicates the end of the process, each Flow model can have multiple path Ends.

Step Contains all instructions and content for each stage of the process.

Decision Progresses the workflow down different paths based on the users input.

Diverge Adds multiple paths which the end user must complete before proceeding in the process. (Use of a successive Merge path is required).

Merge Connects all paths from a Diverge allowing the workflow to continue. (Use of a prior Diverge path is required).

Custom Email can email a recipient through running the process.

Pool Sorts process elements into swimlanes or tables based on department or specialty for better visibility.

Component A completed process models which can be included as a Step into a new workflow.

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