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Viewing a Process Map
Viewing a Process Map
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Process maps provide a graphical representation of a process or procedure, and are available for users to easily view and see the details. They share the same design and appearance as a Flow, however they are for reference purposes and are not executable.

To view the Process Maps published to you, click the Maps tab in Flowingly. 

Clicking on the desired Process Map will display the process map. 

Clicking on View Flow Model will open the map in a new browser tab. If needed, you can move the Map around the screen to see different parts of the Map in detail. Scrolling in and out (scroll > CTRL) can make the view larger or smaller.

If you are a flow model administrator, the View Flow Model button will be replaced with Edit Flow Model. Clicking on this will open the map for editing.

As with a Flow, clicking on any Step in the diagram will show the details of the Step Details and the Step Form.

Clicking on the Process Details tab will display the additional details for the process, including the owner, review date, description, background and objective.

The Feedback tabs allows users to submit comments, questions and discussion points about the process.

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