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Process Map Sharing & Embedding

Share maps with ease, both with internal and external stakeholders

Written by Jae Lim
Updated over a week ago

The 'Share' function in Flowingly allows you to create a public link for the specified map, allowing external users to view and interact with the map outside of Flowingly. You can access this feature by clicking on 'Maps' on the left-hand sidebar and clicking on the desired process map.

Public Sharing

Using the Public Link URL pictured above, users external to your Flowingly tenant will be able to view and interact with the map in the exact same way, as shown below.

Sharing is enabled on a per-map basis, and is done through the Library. Click on 'Library' on the left-hand sidebar, click on the 'Process Maps' tab, and navigate to the desired map. Then, click on the padlock icon to open up the sharing settings. There will be a toggle on this page that allows you to enable public sharing.


You can also embed Flowingly maps directly into external pages, such as Sharepoint or your own website. Simply click on the 'Share' button when viewing the map in question, and copy the 'Embed Code' to paste into the source code for your desired page.

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