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How do I print or export a flow
How do I print or export a flow

Export or print a completed or in-progress flow

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There are times that you wish to print or export a flow. This may be for archive purposes, to provide evidence of approvals in an audit, or to provide details if a flow to a person outside your organisation. It is possible to print or export both completed flows.

To print or export, open the desired flow. Click the print link, which is at the bottom of the current step for an in-progress flow, or at the end of the flow for a completed one.

The flow will open in a new browser tab, and will be displayed in a print-friendly format, with all steps shown in a single column, and the flow details at the top.

From this tab, use the web browser's print function to print or export the flow. This will vary in different browsers, however for most common browsers the print function can be accessed from the menu at the top-right of the browser window.

From the print function, you can select an available printer if a hard copy is required, or use the Save as PDF (or similar) option to export as a PDF file.

Note: For security and privacy reasons, while all flow steps are included in the export/printout, only steps that are visible to you will show the form data entered.

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