Flows and Process Maps can be exported and/or imported, and can be saved in PDF format for inclusion in a documentation library or distribution to users.

To Export or Import, select the Grey ... button at the top right. This will open the Export/Import menu, where you can select the desired option.

PDF Steps will save the Flow as a PDF document, which includes a title page, table of contents, the Flow diagram and the details of all Steps including data fields. All Steps are numbered, allowing easy reference to the diagram.

Print Map will save the map as a PDF document.

The Export option will save the current Flow to your computer as a JSON file. It is not recommended to edit or modify this file in any way as it may prevent it from being imported again.

Import will allow you to choose a previously exported Flow and import it. This will replace the current Flow in the Modeler. If you do not wish to overwrite an existing Flow, create a new one then import the saved Flow into it.

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