Troubleshooting Decisions
Help configuring gateways that allow steps to be routed dynamically
Written by Graeme McRae
Updated over a week ago

Flowingly's no-code business process workflow modeler makes designing and publishing your processes easy. One of the more advanced and powerful features is configuring gateways that allow steps to be routed dynamically based on information contained previously in the process.

Here are some common scenarios that will be validated by Flowingly to ensure your process is valid and ready to run. When saving or publishing your process you will see this displayed with instructions on how and where to correct.

  1. Gateway doesn't have an incoming connector

  2. Gateway has multiple incoming connectors

  3. Gateway doesn't have outgoing connectors

  4. Gateway doesn't have a decision field

  5. Gateway has multiple decision paths with the same value

  6. Gateway doesn't have a name

  7. Gateway has more than 2 outgoing connectors when decision field values are deleted from incoming step

  8. Gateway doesn't have conditions set

  9. Gateway outgoing connector routes back to a previous card

  10. Gateway outgoing connectors exceed the number of possible paths defined by the decision field.

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