When viewing a report you will see options above the report rows to filter the report. You can filter before and after dates, current step or users. You can also select a date range of flows to report on.


Click on the heading of most columns to sort the report in either ascending or descending order.


In the top right of the report you will see an option to Export data which allows the report to be downloaded in a CSV format, which can be imported into a spreadsheet such as Excel, or a BI or database application. The exported report includes the data shown on-screen, and also includes all data entered by users into the fields on each step of the flow when it was run.

Flow Versions

When exporting a report, you will be given the option to select which report version you want to export data for.  As flow models are updated and re-published, Flowingly updates the version number. When flows are run, the current version number is recorded in the flow record.

Because data fields can be added or removed as flows are updated, the available fields to be exported will differ depending on the flow model. By default, Flowingly exports only the fields for the most recent versions, however you can choose to export the field data for earlier versions by selecting the desired version.

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