Categories are a powerful way to group how processes are presented to your users.

In the Setup section of Flowingly you'll find Categories as the fourth tab (after Users, Teams and Databases).

From here you can create and manage the categories for your business.

Create a category

  1. Click the green Add Category button.

  2. Select a name and optionally provide a description. 

Edit a category

  1. Click the pencil ✏️  on the row of the category you need to edit.

  2. Make changes to the name and/or description.

  3. Click Save changes.

Delete a category

  1. Click the trash can 🗑  on the row of the category you need to delete.

  2. You will be prompted to confirm deletion and if your category contains Flow Models required to select a new category for these Flow Models to be moved to.

Add or remove a process (Flow Model) from a category

You can manage individual process categories from the Process Library. Learn more about creating and managing processes

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