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How do I create & manage teams?
How do I create & manage teams?
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Teams let you organize users into groups. A user can belong to any number of teams and teams can be given permission to start processes or be assigned to a step in a process.

In the Setup section of Flowingly you'll find Teams as the second tab (after Users).

Create a new team

  1. From the Teams page click the green Add Team button 

  2. Give the team a name and optionally add a team email and primary point of contact (these are used as references only)

  3. Choose the users you would like included in the team

Edit an existing team and add or remove user(s) from a team

  1. Click the pencil ✏️  next to the Team 

  2. Make changes to the information or users that are part of the team

  3. Click Save changes

Delete a team

  1. Click the trash can 🗑  next to the team

  2. Confirm deletion of the team
    Note: If the team is assigned to any steps within a process you will need to choose a new user or team for these steps to be re-assigned.

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