The Process Intelligence platform gives you access to most of the data held in Flowingly, allowing you to create in-depth reports and dashboards.

Selecting Process Intelligence opens the home page, where you can access saved reports and dashboards from the folder list on the left.

To create a new report or dashboard, click the + icon at the top left. From the menu, you can then choose the type of report or dashboard you want to create.

  • Express View allow you to explore data and get quick answers using an interactive drag and drop designer.

  • Express Reports let you quickly create tabular reports with essential operations like sorting, filtering and calculations

  • Advanced Reports can contain charts, maps, gauges and images. Group selections provide more flexibility in displaying data.

  • Dashboards provide an interactive canvas containing reports, visualisations, images, charts, maps, gauges, text and web pages.

Process Intelligence features a comprehensive built in help guide. To access the guide, click on the ? icon in the top right of the Process Intelligence screen. The guide is context-aware, and will display the article that is appropriate for what you are doing.

An interactive tutorial is also available to guide you through the key principles.

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