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Learn about Tasks, Approvals & Public Forms

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There are four Step Types available in Flowingly that allow you to collect data, assign Tasks to Users or Teams, Approve processes, send customised emails and even allow external users to start new Flows. These Types are Task, Approval and Public Form.


Tasks are the core building blocks in Flowingly. They can be a simple description or checklist of things to do, or can collect data from users using a configurable Form with a range of Field Types. Tasks can be assigned to Users or Teams when you design the Flow, or they can be assigned dynamically when the Flow is run. Configurable deadlines allow overdue Tasks to be highlighted, and reminders sent. 

To configure a Task:

  1. Select Task as the Task type.

  2. Assign a User, a Team or a Dynamic Actor

  3. Set a Step Reminder

  4. Set the Step Deadline

  5. Add a Planned Time

  6. Add a Planned Cost

  7. Click on Form to edit the Instruction Text and add Data Fields

More information on how to edit the Card and add Data Fields is available here: http://help.flowingly.net/design-and-build-your-business-processes/adding-form-fields-to-your-process


An Approval is a Step Type where the user is required to Approve or Reject the continuation of a Flow. Approving the step will allow the Flow to continue, while selecting one of the 2 potentially available Rejection options will either end the Flow and set the final status to "Rejected", or revert the Flow back to a previous step determined by the Flow Builder.

Three types of Approvals are available in Flowingly:

Single Approval

A Single Approval allows a single individual, or one person from a Team to Approve or Reject the Step. If a Team is assigned, then the first decision recorded by a team member will be used.

Parallel Approval

A Parallel Approval allows Approvals by multiple Users or Teams to be required within a single Step. All configured approvers are able to record their decision simultaneously.  You can also configure whether Approval is required from all or a defined number of approvers.

Sequential Approval

A Sequential Approval requires multiple approvers to Approve the Step, each Approval is recorded one at a time. Each approver will only be prompted to record their decision after the preceding approver has given  their Approval.

Refer to http://help.flowingly.net/design-and-build-your-business-processes/how-do-approvals-work for more details on the different Approval types and how to configure them.

Public Form

Normally Flows can only be started by users who have access to your Flowingly account. However, you can allow external users to start Flows from outside Flowingly by using shareable Public Forms. 

  1. Select Public Form as the Task Type for the first Step in your Flow.

  2. Enter the Step Name and choose a background color if desired.

  3. Click on the Form tab, click Design to open the Form Builder. Add Instruction text and Fields as required.

  4. Choose Public form type:

    1. Public: Anyone with the the URL of this Public form can access and submit the form

    2. Intranet: Only logged-in users with the URL to this Public form can access and submit the form

  5. Click on 'Add a Variable' to add a Workflow Subject Variable. This feature allows you to customize the subject of your Public form workflows. Whatever value gets entered in the selected fields by the end user will be the subject of the workflow. The following fields can be used as variables:

    • Short Text - Yes

    • Dropdown list - Yes

    • Option List - Yes

    • Currency - Yes

    • Email - Yes

    • Number - Yes

    • Date - Yes

    • Date Time - Yes

    • Lookup Field - Yes

  6. Once you have completed and Published the Flow, click the first Step in your Flow to get your shareable Public URL and Embed Code. You can embed the Flowingly Form on an existing web page or link to the Public URL from your website, email, or social media profile.

Email Notification

A Custom Email Step allows you to send an email to specific recipients with details of the Flow's progress, completed Form Fields details, Approval Status and other relevant information. For more details on Custom Email refer to  http://help.flowingly.net/design-and-build-your-business-processes/email-notifications

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