A flow can sometimes come to a step that has been assigned to a user who is away on leave or otherwise unable to complete the step. There can also be times where the assigned person is busy and the step needs to be delegated to someone else. To prevent the flow being delayed, it is possible to re-assign or delegate the step to another user.


If the user assigned to a step is not available, the Flow Model Owner can re-assign the step to another user. From "Flows I'm In", select the flow and go to the current step. Select the Reassign option.

The desired user can then be selected from the Reassign Step window. You must provide a reason for the reassignment. You must reassign to a specific user, it is not possible to select a team.

Re-assignment only changes the user assigned to the current step. Subsequent steps in this or other flows will continue to be assigned to the originally configured user. To re-assign all steps to a different user, use Delegation.


Delegation is used to temporarily re-assign all future steps to a nominated user who will complete the steps on your behalf. This is useful for example if you are going to be away on leave. To enable Delegation, open your user profile by clicking on your name at the top right and selecting Edit Profile. 

From the Delegation tab, enable Delegation and select the people you wish to re-assign steps and approvals to.  

A delegation will not be made if a step or approval has been assigned to a Team that you are a member of. In this case the step can be actioned by another member of the team.

While delegation is active, you are not able to complete steps that are delegated to someone else. These steps must be completed by the delegated person.

Steps that are currently assigned to you will not be reassigned when delegation is enabled, you will still need to complete them. Likewise, delegated steps will not be assigned back to you when delegation is disabled.

Business Administrators can enable delegation for other users by editing the user's record under Setup.

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