It is often useful to send a Flow back to an earlier Step to allow revision or for clarification, rather than rejecting the Flow outright and having to start over. From any Approval Task, you can configure the Approval Options to allow you to send the flow back to the first step, or you can draw a link back to a previous Step in the Flow. 

When the Flow returns to a previously completed Step, all data originally captured will be displayed, making it easier for the user to edit or update data and re-submit. All completed Steps are displayed as part of the Flow history.

You can go back to most Steps in your Flow, however there are some points to note when using Decisions or Diverge and Merge:

  • You can go back past a Decision to an earlier Step, however you cannot go to a Step on a different Decision Path to the one you are on – i.e. you can only go to a previously completed Step.

  • You cannot go back past a Diverge or Merge. The link can only be made to the first Step after the Diverge or Merge node.

For more information on Diverge and Merge options please see:

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