A Dynamic Actor allows the user or team assigned to a step to be decided on during the running of the flow.

Setting up a Dynamic Actor in a flow model:

  1. Under 'Who will complete this step?' select the 'Dynamic Actor' radio button and then 'Select Dynamic Actors' from the dropdown list:

   2. A modal window will pop up where you can select the possible users or teams             that could act on that step:

Using a Dynamic Actor in the runner:

  1. When completing a step preceding a step assigned to a Dynamic Actor, a modal will pop-up asking for the actor of the next step:

   2. Select the user or team that you would like to complete the next step, click           'Continue' and the next step of the flow will be assigned to the selected actor.

Note: If you elect to use a Dynamic Actor step as the first step in your flow model, the user will be presented with the option to choose the actor when they select the flow in Start Flows.

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